J.’s job is transferring him to Parry Sound and I am going with him! 😀

I think the next three months is going to be fairly chaotic. My job ends November 3rd. Before then, I’d like to put my house up for sale, sell it, and complete the transfer. That means a lot of cleaning, pitching, more pitching, and more cleaning!

J. is still waiting on some final paperwork, and then we’ll have a better timeline on when he can go for an all expense paid house hunting trip. He may start there as early as October 1st if he can find a house.

This is a massive step for both of us. Moving in together is huge, but I think we’re ready. This weekend we are going to meet each other’s families. I’m admittedly quite nervous to meet his parents. He’s met mine already, but he will be coming to my Grandma’s big birthday picnic on Sunday to meet my Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins.

Tonight J. helped me go through my kitchen and bedroom pitching stuff. Since we’ll be living together, we can sell one of everything. I hope to have a big garage sale in a few weeks. I feel bad selling some things because they were gifts, like the really nice coffee maker Dad bought me for my birthday a few years back (I think it’s nice, I’ve never tasted coffee), but J. has a nicer one, and I need to drastically downscale the amount of stuff I have – no one needs two coffee makers. (I have a lot of “stuff” – some call it crap – I call it my precious stuff)

Anyway, J. is in the other room with the A/C on as he rests from all the hard work he did (the man is a work horse! Or maybe he was just super eager to fill garbage bags with my stuff) – anyway, I’m going to join him and watch some TV.