It was a big weekend! I got to stay at J.’s parents house on Friday night, meeting them for the first time. J. came with me to my Dad’s house on Saturday, met Becky and played poker with Julie, Mom, Brian, Leanne, & I on Saturday night, and came to my Grandma Verkley’s 84th Birthday picnic on Sunday!

Everything went very well. J.’s parents are very nice people. They even babysat Monty on Sunday afternoon. I’m not completely convinced he’ll be invited back there. He wrestled with J’s dog so much J’s dog is warn out and limping a little bit. And Monty ate several of their tomatos right off the vine!! What a silly puppy!

Yesterday on our way back to the Sault, we stopped in Parry Sound to check out our new town, and to drive by the two properties that we had tagged as our favourite two.

Our number 1 favourite left us severely disappointed and angry at the real estate agent. We were completely misled by the trick photography in the listing. The place was a dive. I suppose that is why they used an aerial shot of the house as the main listing photo. I almost didn’t recognize it when we actually drove by. I just can’t understand why there is a need to mis-represent the property. Why waste our time? Do you think we were going to buy it sight-unseen? Sheesh. The neighbours had built their place at the back closest corner of the lot so basically you wouldn’t have a speck of privacy because they are practically in your backyard so your 1.3 acre lot isn’t very appealing anymore.

The other one looked okay and wasn’t misrepresented in its listing. There is a park and a beach about a 2 minute walk away. Lots of trees. It wasn’t too far from town. It feels like a real cottagey area. There isn’t much of a backyard, but we believe the lot goes much further back into the woods so we could clear out a bit more perhaps. Now we just have to wait for J to get a paid house hunting trip and a real estate agent assigned, and then he can go and find us a house.