So I went through several large boxes of all my school notes from about grade 4 through to the end of University and I pitched all but a small file box full! 88|

J. wishes I had gotten rid of it all, but he has no idea how much I just pitched. Boxes of notebooks, looseleaf notes, all my 4H binders, ALL OF MY JON BON JOVI POSTERS!, artwork, tests, exams, etc. I did save all of my History course notes because I need to reread and relearn my history. I also saved any creative writing I could find because they are good! (DAD – I even found the original Dot on the Wall story!)

We went through most of my garage storage boxes last night. Threw out A LOT of stuff. Boxes of stuff that I had moved from house to house to house.

Inside we continue to find more things to sell at next weekend’s garage sale. I think moving me is going to be a breeze… because there will be nothing left to move!!

My real estate agent is coming over on Sunday to get things moving. My friend who is a garage sale expert is coming next Monday to help me get an idea of what prices I can put on things. I need to wash and clean many of the items (then I can hope for $0.50 instead of just a quarter each! haha)