Jeff is down in Parry Sound now. I just got the first call from him. He doesn’t think he’ll be buying a house this week. Even the junk houses are WAY WAY WAY overpriced. There just isn’t anything there.

I’m glad I’m up here because I’d be so distraught down there. The ridiculous agent he has thought he wasn’t coming, even after he called her last week, so now he can’t go see anything until Wednesday.

What might happen is he’ll work part-time in Parry Sound and if/when my house sells, I’ll have to move into his rental house with him. It’s half the size of my house, but we have to do what we have to do.

Oh please real estate gods, can you list a house at an affordable price? And maybe through in a basement, garage, forced air heating, and just maybe can you make it more than a few feet off the TransCanada? And maybe within 15 minutes of Parry Sound?