Here are some photos from the Weekend:


Garage Sale – Day 1 – Before the People…


Before the Rain


Lots of Stuff for Sale

I still think it’s weird that I didn’t sell the big things, like my BBQ, 2 dog crates, big Coleman cooler – but I sold an OPEN bag of kitty litter. Go figure.

Here are some photos of the house before I went to work this morning. I still have a bit of tidying to do, but you’ll get the idea of the magnificant improvements:


New laminate flooring, new baseboards, painted walls, painted baseboards, and all my stuff is boxed in the garage.


Hey Zeus snuck into this one! I got paint on the side of my leather recliner – any idea how to get it off?


My enormous kitchen 😉


Look at the new vinyl flooring in the back room! It looks really nice. I wish I got rid of all the carpet in my house 4 years ago!

So how long until it’s sold? Okay…. how about.. how long until the first viewing? 😀 The agent is coming over tonight to pick up the key.