Jeff still has to wait until tomorrow to view the properties in Parry Sound, but the idea has come up that maybe we’ll move to Nova Scotia instead, where there are jobs for him, where he might have had to move eventually anyway, and where big houses are less than 100K and have big lots (multiple acres.)

I really would like to live in Parry Sound so I’m still close to Northern Ontario, and close to all my family, but buying a horrible pit of a property and having to pay most of our income to a mortgage for the rest of our lives for a house we hate isn’t so appealing…

I guess we’ll see how tomorrow goes.

In the meantime, here is an example of what we could get if he took a job in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia:
(8 acres, 4 bedrooms, $85,000)

Another thought is buying a lot and buying a modular home for it, but that idea may cost more than we have to spend.