Jeff is done looking at all the listings.

And they are all crap.

He has some good stories of locked doors, basements you have to enter from outside, pee smells, lack of insulation, signs of basement flooding, extremely slanted floors, people putting laminate flooring over carpet, etc etc.

That one on Rankin Lake Rd turned out to have a weird 5 foot addition on the front and it wasn’t all insulated and there were a million doors everywhere with a bad layout. He hated it. It’s hard to pay the absolute top limit of what you can afford for a house you’d have to rip apart.

There was one house that was really nice inside, this one:
but it has a bad location, in a poor neighbourhood – although with the new hospital going in it could change, but… I don’t know.

Actually there was one that was okay, nice enough house, didn’t need that much work – this one:
which has dropped from $209K to $189K but it’s more than we can afford. Even if we could come up with that kind of money, we really don’t want to be house poor for the rest of our lives. And he also said it’s on bedrock and half the utility room is a big huge rock coming out of the floor!

He’s going to talk to his new boss down there tomorrow. He refuses to buy an expensive piece of crap. We might just take my house off the market and he’ll move in with me until the spring and then we’ll try again. His agent says real estate stays active there until November, and then it dies until spring.

Or we can look at Nova Scotia, but we both would like to go to Parry Sound.

So he’ll be driving back here tomorrow. He filled his camera’s card with 100+ photos and he took lots of notes.