Jeff is meeting with his real estate agent at this hour and they have a full day of houses to see (probably only about 5 places).

By the end of the day I’ll have a better idea if we’re bailing and heading to Nova Scotia instead, or if we have a hope of staying in Ontario, or if we’ll be shackin’ up in Jeff’s little rented house here in the Sault for awhile.

I am liking that last listing I posted last night more and more. It needs some serious decorating work done, but it has a lot of potential and isn’t very old. Jeff is mostly concerned on how much it will cost to heat it because it’s quite big. But he recognizes that if we get in over our head, that basement would be easy to rent out as a separate apartment if need be. The current owner has a successful water bottling business using the well water. I wonder how much money selling water can bring in.

Anyway, send all your good wishes and good luck vibes through the airwaves to Jeff in Parry Sound. I can’t wait to hear how it goes!