The agent and her client showed this morning! I put away the dog beds, baby gates, x pen, dog toys, vacuumed, mopped, made the bed, took out the garbage, cleaned and put away the dishes. Then I put Monty out in the dog run, Trooper in a crate in the garage, and Zeus in Monty’s puppy carrier behind the back door. I waited for them to arrive, told them were the pets were so they weren’t surprised by them, and then I went to the post office. It was a young lady with a toddler. This place would be perfect for them! I hope she liked it. They didn’t stay long – they were gone by the time I returned from the post office. My agent is gone next week, but she has a partner covering her listings.

So I’ve put the dog stuff back and brought in the boys and let out the cat. Now I’m going to work on my new site for awhile. I can’t wait to get it earning me money. Later I’ll probably drive out to the retriever club property as today is the one year anniversary of Winger dying. I remember that day all too well and can’t believe it was already a year ago.

I also have to plan tomorrow’s welcome home dinner. And the dessert better be chocolate because I’m eager to prove to myself I’m not allergic to chocolate after all! (but I’ll wait for Jeff, a.k.a. a ride to the hospital, to be here just in case my hunch is wrong!)