Just a quick update because I have a big headache and need sleep.

  • Jeff came back! He had a good trip and brought me the most beautiful flowers!! and he brought Monty a big bone that he is lying behind me knawing on right now! I’m so glad he’s back.
  • I’m not allergic to chocolate! I make Jeff a chocolate cake and I ate about half of it so I’m good to go! 19 months I spent avoiding chocolate and I’m not even allergic to it. I’d way rather be allergic to Tylenol than chocolate!
  • We took a drive north of town for a little grouse hunting today. Too bad every where we went was so littered with ATV’ers so the grouse were long gone. BEAUTIFUL leaves though though. Dad are you coming up to grouse hunt next weekend?
  • Gas is only 77.5 cents a litre! Too bad my tank is full of that expensive 84 cent gas. I almost want to drive around so I can get the cheaper stuff! 😀
  • Jeff finally had enough, and so did I, of my goose down pillows. They were from Walmart and they had the feather spines still in them. So over the last year, all the pokey feathers started sticked out of the pillows. It’s like sleeping on a big hedgehog. I usually ended up with my extra comforter under my head to protect me from them. Jeff finally declared it was new pillow day so now I have four new non-feathery ones that are sooooo nice.
  • I weighed Monty at the vet’s on Friday and he’s only 66 pounds so I guess my previous months of lifting him up and weighing us both and then subtracting my weight was grossly inaccurate. He’s become SUCH a good dog lately – growing out of his obnoxious independent puppyness. For example, when I say come, he actually comes in my direction over 50% of the time now!

K, off to bed. If you need something to do, please use all magic voodoo at your disposal to send me a house buyer so we can get this moving thing happenin’!