FlyboysWe went to see Flyboys at the movies last night.

It is a movie about a bunch of young American men who go to France to join their Air Force during World War One before the USA was involved in the war. Their squadron was called the Lafayette Escadrilles and they battled the Germans in the air.

There was some incredible work done to make this movie. There are a lot of shots of them in their planes during battle and my untrained eye couldn’t tell which scenes were computer animated or in a studio or if they were real.

It was like watching an extremely primitive Top Gun. Those planes they flew sure didn’t have many bells and whistles. It seemed like they taught them to fly by basically saying, there is the plane, go fly.

The movie was a little slow, but not unenjoyable. It was based on a true story. I don’t know much about planes or World War I battles, so it was a nice look into that era of history.

Of course there was a love story tossed in that was rather out of place. A lead character with frosted tips on his hair – did they really dye their hair in 1917? And along those lines – shouldn’t they have had buzz cuts? There was also the annoyance of a character who had a thick French accent at the beginning of the movie, and by the end it was a deep southern USA accent.

Regardless, I think I’ll give it a 3/5. It isn’t a movie to remember forever, but it was an enjoyable watch. Definitely watch this one on a bigger screen – the flying scenes are incredible – Worth going to the theatre to see.