Jeep Liberty & Flowers

We test drove a Jeep Liberty over the weekend. I can scratch it off my list of potential vehicles. We test drove the Sport edition. It would have been a great vehicle if we were several inches shorter since we both looked directly into the sun visor flap. Otherwise it was a nice ride – comfortable firm seats, and enough shoulder space, but definitely not too much room above the head. The Jeep Liberty has a Limited Edition that has an electronic seat controller that allows you to tip it forward. Perhaps that would allow your eyes to look more through the windshield. There was wasn’t any center elbow rest, but other wise it was a simple small SUV, not too many fun extras.

Here is a photo of my flowers that Jeff brought me when he returned from his week long fishing trip. They still look fantastic! They smell awesome too. He’s so good to me!

My Beautiful Flowers
My Beautiful Flowers


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