I called up my real estate agent yesterday. She’d been gone for a week again on a vacation.

The first question she asked was if I was ready to drop the price.

Drop the Price? Already? She hasn’t shown it to anyone yet. Two other agents have though.

I asked for an open house, so she just called back and it’s scheduled for this Sunday 2-4.

Yesterday it sounded like she really wanted me to drop my price before the Open House. That didn’t make me too happy. I’m not expecting to get the full price anyway, but if I drop it, I risk getting an offer of what I paid for it 4 years ago before I put in a new furnace, insulation, bathroom, etc.

I want to get more photos on MLS so she said we could do that.

I just really want to get moved before Christmas! We are not going to buy in Parry Sound until my house sells. And now we’re just debating if Jeff should give up his rental house now or not (he has to give 2 months notice).

What if no one comes to the open house? Can I give bribes? Free hot dogs and pop? haha. I’ll have to relocate elsewhere with the pets anyway.

She said she didn’t see any new sales on the board so the people that came through mine haven’t bought yet. I guess they are still looking.

I know they’re getting sore, but keep those fingers crossed…