Now that I know I’m not allergic to chocolate, I’m having a good time reuniting myself with everything I was deathly afraid to eat over the last 1.5+ years.

This morning I’m having my first Tim Horton’s hot chocolate in sooooooo long. Yum it’s good. Lots of sugar in this cup.

I’ve never been crazy for chocolate. I mean it’s good, but I don’t go crazy for it, never really crave it, and would always pick chips over chocolate for a naughty snack. However, this has been fun. Over the last few weeks I’ve tasted chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies, a Kit Kat chocolate bar, and now hot chocolate. Next will be chocolate milk one of these days.


So I didn’t hear anything back last night about the people who were so interested in my house yesterday. I really hope I’ll be hearing that I have an offer today. I’m trying to stay REALLY optimistic.