Well I haven’t given up hope on this couple buying my house just yet. I talked to my real estate agent who said they were very interested and were going to the bank for financing. She said they were both pensioners living in an apartment so she didn’t know if they would be approved for a mortgage, except that their apartment costs $600 a month, and my mortgage and taxes is only $166 every two weeks. I hope that they’ll get approved!!!

Jeff found a new listing today that is DRASTICALLY less money than the other properties we’ve followed in Parry Sound. It’s a split level, three bedroom, two bathroom house. Roughly two acres. Looks like it needs all new windows so we’d probably have to update most of the inside as well. Not to mention building a garage and fencing in all 2 acres (I can dream). It is 20-30 minutes out of town so I’d have to get satellite internet. The monthly mortgage payment would be so much less than the other houses that we’re strongly considering this one – provided it isn’t too junky. We’ll have to see if my house sells first. And Jeff leaves this week for 10+ days of moose hunting.

My friend Jen from Thunder Bay stopped in last night on her way home for Thanksgiving. She had her 6 month old chocolate lab Samson with her. He and Monty played for HOURS. Unfortunately none of my photos turned out. It’s hard to focus a camera that is an automatic in the dark while drinking beers on a porch chatting with an old friend apparently. It was really great to chat it up. I hope I can make some good friends in our new town.