Jeff is leaving this morning for his 10 day moose hunting trip. He was busy last night washing all his hunting clothes in earth smelling laundry soap that is supposed to hide his scent so the moose don’t smell him. Isn’t that crazy sounding? Washing your clothes in dirt scented soap? It sure smelled crazy. :crazy: Thankfully I talked him into waiting until tomorrow morning before they head into the wilderness to wash with his dirt smelling body soap and to apply his dirt flavoured deodorant. Do you think he has dirt flavoured toothpaste too?

Here is my list of things to accomplish while he’s out of town:

  1. I plan to finish off my new big website while he’s gone. It’s really close – I just have to automate some of the programming in the backend. Then I can start marketing it. Then I can start counting the hundreds of dollars it will bring in a day. :p I have another big site planned for after this one that I plan to get a chunk of done as well.
  2. Catch up on all my favorite TV shows that Jeff hates to watch. I might move a tv into my office so I can get lots of work done AND watch the tube at the same time.
  3. I have to get back into a regular gym habit. Ever since we got ready to put my house on the market, life has been chaotic, and I’ve been too lazy to go to the gym regularly.
  4. Wash my truck – We’ve been mostly just using Jeff’s truck lately – I’ve had the same tank of gas in my truck for about 4 weeks! It was in the driveway for too long, and it is the season where the birds eat all the mountain ash berries and poop them onto my truck so it’s disgusting. Jeff rearranged all the boxes in the garage so my truck can fit in there again though. 😀
  5. Sell my house – That would really make my day. And hopefully that day is today.

There was a widespread frost in town last night. Still no furnace on at my house though! I’m tough!! (okay and I have a goose down duvet)

Update: OMG. I’m freaky with numbers. Look at the time I posted this at. That means I’m going to sell my house today.