My Grandma Died

My Grandma died today.
It seems all so sudden, like she didn’t even get old yet – even though she was in her 80’s – to me she was still that hip cool Grandma I always loved to brag about.

She had to have surgery last Friday on her intestines. They had been giving her trouble and it turned out she had a bunch of old food getting caught on old scar tissue. They took out 2 feet of her intestine. The surgery went well. She had no cancer or anything. But she didn’t wake up and didn’t recover. Today her children were called to the hospital and made the decision to turn off the ventilator and let her go.

I don’t think I’ve let it sink in yet. I never thought she’d die before Grandpa. His Alzheimer’s has gotten worse so he doesn’t even know that his sweetheart is gone. They were always so in love, always holding hands and twinkling eyes at each other.

She was always so special to me. I had to answer a survey a couple of years ago about who was my hero. Other people picked famous people, but I picked my Grandma. She lived through so much. She lived through the war in Holland with bomb casings falling on her roof. She moved to Canada with her new husband to start a new life. She didn’t know any English. Within the next 13 years she had 11 children!

She was always so funny because I’m sure she must have learned English from her children and maybe the TV. She knew all the slang words and I can hear her in my head right now saying “Holy Cow!”. She’d always talk back to the TV and the soaps or the politicians.

I’d love spending time at their house. After we moved over an hour away, we’d still visit lots and I’d get to spend time there in the summer. She knew I loved her macaroni and beef and cheese so she’d make it often. She always had food treats – licorice and pop and fruit punch and cheesies. She’d always try to be fashionable too. She knew the latest cool things and I remember when she’d bundle a long shirt to the side to put a big plastic button there to tie it up. She’d have so many clothes, some she’d never even worn yet. She gave me many neat shirts.

She’d always try to find our names on things. All the Grandkids would get personalized combs and pencils and barrettes and pens and toothbrushes. She’d still always remember my birthday and make sure I got a card and a little something. After all, I was her number one grandkid!

She made the cutest card for me after Winger died. It was hand made and cut out individual letters and dog pictures saying she was sorry to hear about my dog. I have it saved in my memory box.

I’d like to think of Grandma in some special part of heaven. She’s out by the pond feeding her ducks and swans. It’s summer and the sun in shining. Maybe there are even two Golden Retrievers hanging out with her. That would be nice.

Many Years Ago – This is Grandma. I’m on the right, Brian is on the left, and Amy is the little one.


Lisa (Verkley) Schuyler is a blogger reporting live from her new home in Canada's Yukon Territory. Often found wearing a hoodie, covered in pet hair, Lisa is a mis-placed forester who now spends her days engineering happiness for WordPress users. Lisa loves nature, animals, and most importantly, her handsome husband Jeff.

3 Replies to “My Grandma Died

  1. sob sob are so right on Lisa.
    She loved you very much…you made her a grandmother!
    And she loved all 24 of you grandkids…I was just talking with Brian…why.. Grandma probably even loved telemarketers!She’s the kindest woman that ever lived and I am sure if you look up the definition of a MOTHER/Grandma in the next printed dictionary it will have her picture! We will miss her forever but how fortunate we have been!

  2. What an awesome Grandma you were
    blessed with. It sounds like you have
    awesome memories to keep with you for
    always! With your pictures being
    side by side on your blog, I could really
    see that yall looked alike. My prayers
    and thoughts will be with yall through
    the next few days. It will be hard to
    say goodbye. Try and dwell on the
    wonderful memories that you have to live with forever. I know God has a
    very special place for our Grandmas in
    heaven. Of course it has to be with all
    our wonderful animals! Lisa,Texas

  3. Dear Lisa,
    A few minutes my mom recieved a phone call from my family in Colombia,S.A. telling her that my grandma died and that was very sad, I just hugged my mom and said to her that Grandma finally rested because she was so sick for decades and could not even rememberr anyone. But she still in my early memories when she used to visit us in Colombia and spended some weks with us, my brothers and my sister enjoied a lot and we always thought she will live for many years she was almos 100 when and she has gone forever. I believe in resurrection as the bible states it and definately she will resurrect; the bible is the word of god and never fails.
    My mom and I are living here in USA since 2000 and unfortunately will not be able to travel to Colombia because of my process of my Green Card and Government does not allow me to travel, my mom could go but still is going to be difficult to travel, my mom just got hurt, she fall down yesterday in a side walk in Stamford and I took her to the emergency room and she is under bandaids and her knee are almost fractured. This is very difficult to deal but I said my mom that maybe if she could not go, she will have the memories of my grandma forever as a alived person and happy as she was for decades.
    Life and death are two facts that we all have to accept along our existence.

    Sincerely yours,

    Jose Leonidas Mejia
    Architect SCA
    Associate Member AIACT
    Intern Designer AKNDC
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    203-5898874 Cell

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