Dad arrive last night, 7’ish, for a quick overnight visit.

He brought me the beautiful round solid oak table that Uncle Joe had made for Grandma and Grandpa a couple of years ago. When the family got together to empty Grandma’s apartment, they decided I could have the table!

And we really needed one too! It came with 4 nice green swade covered chairs. Jeff has a big oak table, but it’s way too big for my kitchen. Before we just used tv stands for dinner, but a month or so ago I set up my card table again in the kitchen. The only thing is was it was short and very wobbly. I’m so lucky to have this one!

Dad debated staying for another night, but a snowstorm is coming in tonight and he was scared off by the thought of driving in snow. It was nice to have him visit.

This morning after he left, Jeff had already gone into to work, and my truck wouldn’t start! Turns out all the short little trips I do in my truck aren’t long enough to give the battery a proper charge. Jeff came home from work and gave me a boost!

Jeff is gone next week on a deer hunting trip with friends. I know my blogging has been sparse lately, but you know how chatty/lonely I am when he is gone – I’m sure I’ll blog more next week.

Jeff’s been busy packing up his house and reorganizing my garage to store our stuff in it. He is giving up his rental house for the end of the year and moving in with me. It’ll save him a lot of money compared to renting a house he was hasn’t used much lately. So far so good. Tonight we’re moving over his entertainment system and big TV and putting mine in storage.

Here is a list of free stuff you can speak for otherwise we might chuck:

  • BBQ – basic model, no propane tank, lighter button still works well
  • TV – 19 inch, colour, no remote, but works with a universal remote
  • Downhill skis – ladies – probably about a size 8, good for someone shorter than me – comes with poles and boots
  • Set of white Corale dishes – big plates (8), little plates (8), mugs (4)
  • more to come