Working for the Government has a few perks – okay at least one – I get today off for Remembrance Day that was on Saturday.

It’s also the day of voting for our Municipal elections, so I just walked over to the neighbourhood school gym to place my vote!

Jeff is off deer hunting. Yesterday he was stopped on the highway for an accident up ahead of him. He waited in his truck for an hour watching the ambulances and police cars go by. Then an air ambulance landed on the highway not to far ahead of him. He was eying some vehicles that were leaving the highway and going down a snowmobile trail! None of them were coming back, so when the highway department came by and said the highway would be closed for another 5-7 hours with no detour, he went down the snowmobile trail too and somehow went around the accident.

Today I’m going to catch up on some web work here at home. I’m also going to the mall for a bit. I would like some more cory catfish because I only have one fish now that Morris the Betta died of old age. I keep looking at the fish in Walmart but they are so sick and diseased and some are dead. I think I’ll look around at the other pet stores today.

I might go see Borat tonight. It’s supposed to be full of laughs and I love laughing. Jeff said he wasn’t remotely interested in seeing it so I’ll go solo while he’s gone.

We rented four movies over the weekend now that Jeff has moved in his entertainment centre (big tv and surround sound stereo). I’ll review them in a separate post.