Customs Search

We went over to Michigan on Saturday for a little shopping, to pick up a parcel, and to eat some REAL pizza (Sault, Ontario has the worst pizza in the world).

We travel back and forth to Sault, Michigan several times a year, and I’ve lived here for 5.5 years, and this was the first time we were searched.

We told the guy at the booth how much we were bringing in and Jeff went inside to pay the taxes. On his way back out, I guess the two search guards were bored, so they asked me to get out of the truck and they went through all our purchases and the rest of the truck.

See now this is why we tally everything we bought. We could have just mentioned the value of the parcels Jeff was picking up, and assumed the rest was insignificant, but we would have been nailed for lying. Might as well be honest! So we weren’t held up too long.

Georges Kicks Ass

Anyone else a UFC fan?

The best fight ever was on Saturday night. My favourite fighter is Georges St. Pierre from Quebec. He comes across as such a nice guy, polite, and very athletic. A good Canadian boy. He finally got a title fight against Matt Hughes for the Welterweight title.

Matt Hughes comes across as a smug bastard. He wanted to knock out Georges so bad. But Georges was so determined he kicked Matt’s ass and ended it in the second round of 5.

I was looking forward to the fight for weeks. I so badly wanted Georges to win, but Matt has held the title for a long time. Even though Matt has never knocked anyone out, he is good at the submissions. Not this time! He didn’t even get Georges on the ground once!

The fight was on pay per view, but you can watch it here:

Now it’s a bargain

I dropped the price of my house to $54,900 today from $59,000. The word is that the lady who looked at my house last Friday liked it, but didn’t like it. Who knows what the truth is because I’m sure the truth is heavily filtered between the client, the two real estate agents, and myself. Maybe the $5k reduction will spark her interest.

It’s sad that my house and lot on the other side of town could have easily sold for $75K in probably under a week.