After eons, my real estate agent has resurfaced and left a message that another agent is going to show my house this afternoon at 3:30pm.

Damn that Jeff, gets off easy and doesn’t have to listen to me whine as I clean up the house.

These people are looking at houses in the area and will buy one of them. Competition is steep – here is another house they’ll be looking at:
mine is:
The other one has already been reduced. It has a large parking lot beside it and is closer to the mill, but has a basement. I have a garage and a bit bigger lot. They have a bigger kitchen. I guess it all depends on what they are looking for. I’m not getting too excited about it.

I’ll have to go home at lunch and get the dogs out of there and do the final vacuum and mop. It’s muddy paw season. An ugly season to show a house. Ah well.