…I don’t floss often enough.

I brush my teeth twice a day, but floss is such a pain in the arse. Today I vow to do better, and to floss my teeth daily!! Okay maybe not DAILY, but much more often than I do now!

I went for my cleaning at the dentist today. She spent so much time digging that razer sharp poker around my gums and teeth. I was so sure she was going to tell me I had new cavities, gingivitis, didn’t floss enough, and was an all around bad citizen.

However after 15 minutes of poking, and sucking blood up through her spit vacuum, and asking me if I was still alright, she said “Everything looks good here! What colour of toothbrush would you like.”

My teeth and gums are pulsing right now. My mouth is so sore. So tonight I’m going to skip flossing, but tomorrow, I’m going to FLOSS!