What a great birthday I had this year!

I got to spend it with two of my favorite guys – Jeff and my Dad!

We had a group trip to Home Depot where we picked out a new bathroom tap for the sink. The one I had was leaking and parts of the cold water handle broke off in Jeff’s hand last week! Dad installed a new one – the kind I like the best – just one tap that does hot and cold.

Julie sent me a birthday package in the mail. In it was a candle that smelled EXACTLY like birthday cake! We kept taking the lid off to sniff it all weekend!

She also included this really wacky straw that had a set of glasses in the middle of the straw. See for yourself!!

For dinner, we went to the Kewadin Casino across the river for their prime rib and snow crab leg buffet. There is just sooooo much food there. Dad was getting really good at cracking the shells open on his crab legs by his 2nd or 3rd plate of them. There was also a pasta bar, and soup, and pot roast, and veggies, and chinese food, and shrimp, and scallops. I had a strawberry daiquiri for my birthday too! For dessert there was pies and cakes and brownies and cookies. Oh and ice cream too! I had a piece of blueberry pie with whipped cream. I added ice cream too of course. Then I had the most incredible cranberry and white chocolate cookie. THEN I got an entire free birthday cake to bring home!!

We gambled a bit after that. What a lucky day. First we get to customs and there isn’t a single car in front of us. Then we get a massive meal for the most incredible price. Then we gamble and not only do Dad and I win back every cent, to the cent, that we gambled, but Jeff did plus an extra $15 !

After we squeezed our stuffed stomachs back into Jeff’s truck, we again hit customs with NO one in front of us. The customs officer was doing a crossword puzzle!

To top it off, guess what Dad, who obviously reads my blog, got me for my birthday?


He got me some beautiful flowers too. I need to take a photo of those and put it on here too.

Jeff secretly blew up three outdoor scenes I’ve photographed over the last couple of years. He made them black and white and framed them – so beautiful! What a sweetie. He sure knows how to pick out a present!! One photo is of a daisy, one is a fall shot of a trail surrounded by fall leaves, and another is of a big wave on Lake Superior.

Dad left this morning and I watched the movie Prancer in bed and then had a nap. The perfect kind of Sunday. I even dreamed about Grandma Verkley and she gave me a big hug in my dream. I’ll take that my birthday hug 😀