Yes that is right, tomorrow is the best day of the year because it’s my BIRTHDAY! 88|

Dad just called from Woodstock. He’s on his way up for the party!!

I think Jeff, Dad, and I will go across the river for the crab leg and roast beef buffet at the casino tomorrow night!!

And for the curious, I will be turning 31.

It’s been quite a culture shift since turning 30 last year. Changes I’ve noticed:

  • I’m now greeted with a “ma’am” instead of a “miss” at banks and stores
  • I have more gray hairs every day. Those that don’t grow back in gray just don’t grow back in at all leaving a thinning mop on my head
  • Regardless of my marital status, people think I need to have babies and plead with me to have children before it becomes too difficult or too late
  • I was given a free carnation on Mother’s day at the bank even when I pleaded that I wasn’t a mother
  • I am losing touch with the music-of-today’s generation. Right now I’m shuffling the greatest hits of Elton John, Neil Diamond, Cher, and Gordon Lightfoot.

If anyone wants to join us for dinner tomorrow night, come on up!