I had today off – remember I’m using up the rest of my holidays by taking every Monday off until my contract is terminated on Feb. 6th.

I was planning to work online all day and set up the foundations for some new money making ideas.

Instead, my real estate agent resurfaced and said another agent wanted to show my house. I cut her off and said “OK, how much time do I have?” and she said “until 5:30” and I said “5:30 TODAY??” and she said “Yeah, why” and I said, “Because I have to CLEAN up!”

Needless to say, the rest of the day was spent cleaning up the house. Amazingly I was in a wicked good mood. Usually when I have to show the house I get all bitchy and whiny and complainy. I cranked up the Bare Naked Ladies Greatest Hits CD that Julie gave me a few years back and started to clean. Jeff surprised me by coming home after 1 to help me! How wonderful is HE!

I dashed to the store at one point to buy some Pillsbury Dough Boy Cinnamon buns to make the house smell less like cleaning fluid. I also bought some pretty yellow mums for the middle of Grandma and Grandma’s oak table that I have in my kitchen.

At 4:30 I was icing the warm cinnamon buns when Jeff comes inside to tell me they are already here! An hour early!! Seems my agent told me the wrong time, or she is in the wrong time zone! Luckily I was mostly done. We quickly hoofed the dogs into the garage until we could grab their collars and leashes. I tossed the cat into his cat carrier. Then we throw the two baby gates in the garage and departed.

This lady seemed to be far more interested than the rest. They took quite a while inside, then looked in the garage, and in the yard. Then they asked about the crawl space and if it was insulated, and they already knew about the shingles needing replacing, and they asked how the garage shingles were. The agent asked about the neighbours too.

So there it is. I don’t by any means have my hopes up. I’m not even sure I’m ready to sell at this instant. If it sells right now it might mean we will have to move to Parry Sound and then if Jeff wins the competition for a supervisor in Nova Scotia, then we’d move right away out there. I guess whatever happens is meant to be. I’m really not stressed about it. I’m far more stressed about not bringing in money, and selling my house would pay off my debts so that would be a huge load off my mind.

Regardless of if the house sells to this lady or not, we are celebrating with cinnamon buns and a Moosehead! Cheers!