The Fraud of Anthropogenic Global Warming

Excellent essay by Quadszilla over on his SEOBlackHat blog.

Anthropogenic Global Warming is a Fraud

My favourite part:

The Global Warming scam was designed to
1. Scare people into giving time, money and power to charlatan scientists and sham politicians
2. Dramatically increase the size and scope of government and proliferate a worldwide socialist agenda
3. Oppress developing Nations

Sadly, the scam is working.

This fraud was dreamed up by intellectually dishonest scientific professionals coveting government grant money: Was latched on to by politicians and political groups that seek to expand their own influence as well as the size and scope of government and is perpetuated by the ignorant masses who do not have the capacity to refute what Hitler coined the “The Big Lie.”

I agree.

Not much more I should probably say while I’m still employed where I am. 😐


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  1. Well that was a mouth full. I agree this is all a big money grab. I am not saying we are free to pollute the planet. We must clean up our own mess. But global warming, No! A hotter sun maybe. It is interesting that if you repeat something often enough people start to believe it.

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