In my never ending quest to make a full time living on the web, I am exposed to a multitude of techniques to earn cash.

Throughout my readings and discussions with other entrepreneurs, and especially during this last year, I’ve come across many people making more than my yearly salary in just a month’s time. But every time I dug down to find out how they were doing it, I just wasn’t interested in wandering down that dark road. And now sticking to my ethical high road is paying off.

One popular way to make money in the last year or so was to spam the MySpace website using incognito methods to promote their affiliate links and products rather than blatant spam. Many people have successfully made TENS of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands doing this.

But now MySpace is fighting back. As the news leaks out, MySpace is suing 50 advertising networks, AND they are suing individual affiliates. So while I could have jumped on board and made a boat load of cash over the last year, now I could very well be facing a massive lawsuit.

Karma is a wild thing, eh?

I have no problem continuing my struggle for an online income by making websites and offering products and service that people actually want and look for.