My agent must be getting worried about losing her commission when our contract expires in a month because she is showing my house TWICE this week and other than hosting an open house, she has never showed it since it went on the market in September.

Yesterday we went home at lunch to take the dogs out while she showed it to a young man. I was feeling pretty good about it – I mean my house is perfect for a single guy – but right away when they looked at the garage first and spent about 10 seconds in there, I knew it wasn’t a good sign. I have an excellent garage and even though it is full of boxed stuff ready to move, there is still things to look at (power, breaker, plugs, garage door opener, etc).

They spent a decent amount of time in the house and when they were walking out he was already asking about following her to the next house they were looking at. He walked by and thanked us and said we had a lovely home. Someone raised him right!

So regardless of his choice, she is showing it again on Saturday. Which is nice if either are actually interested because it’ll pressure them into an offer if they know there is action on the place.

I’ve long lost track of how many people have seen the place. I think it will be perfect for another single person like I was when I bought it. I’ll be eager to see who pulls up on Saturday for the showing.

In the meantime, Jeff has proceeded to the interview stage of the supervisor competition on the east coast, having already written three examinations for the positions. He’ll be flying out at the beginning of March for the interview. The outcome of that will decide if we’ll be relocating to Parry Sound or Nova Scotia. Government job competitions are finicky things. They very well may have people already in mind but are running through the process to satisfy government staffing requirements, so you never can get a good sense if you really have a shot or not. Regardless, I’m on board for relocating to either locale. Early-to-mid March looks like the best guess to when we’ll find out!