Anyone who knows me personally knows that although I was raised Catholic and was forced to go to Religion Classes every Tuesday night for 7 years of my childhood, as I have grown and matured I have left my Catholic upbringing and schooling behind and I am now firmly against organized religion.

Now I won’t go over my multitude of reasons for this decision because I know some of you are deeply religious and I don’t want to offend for the sake of offending.

However, I just can’t believe these people currently in our daily news. They are Jehovah’s Witnesses. They used scientific methods to conceive and the result was a woman who was pregnant with sextuplets. The Dr’s urged them to abort two of the fetuses to help save the lives of the four remaining ones. Sure. Tough decision. But why were you implanted with so many eggs in the first place. They decline and give birth to 6 babies that are 15 weeks premature.

Bump up to present day. The babies were born in January. Two have now died. The parents refuse to give the remaining babies the necessary blood transfusions that they need for any hope of survival because it is against their religion! HELLO!! Where is your free thought? You believe in scientific methods to carry 6 babies at once, and you bring these precious lives into the world, but you don’t believe in the necessary health care for them to survive because it involves blood products?????? :crazy:

The British Columbia Ministry of Children and Family Services took over custody of 3 of the remaining 4 babies this week just long enough to give them the blood transfusions they required and then reverted custody back to their parents.

Now the parents have a lawyer and are taking the government to court for an apology.

Anyway, rant over, needed to get that out of my system.