With my job about to end (well in 4 weeks now), I decided to buy something I had put off for years – since 2001 actually – while I had the money to pay for it.

When I finished University, it took me another two years to get around to doing my thesis so I could actually graduate. I didn’t attend a graduation because we had a “Ring Ceremony” where we get our silver Forestry rings for our pinkie fingers. My degree was sent to me through the mail.

Although it represents thousands upon thousands of dollars (of debt) and years of time investment, the piece of paper itself is cheap and tacky looking. So I finally bought the nice wooden frame from Lakehead’s Alumni services that has a Lakehead matting that goes around the degree itself.

I’m really happy I did it and now that it is on my wall I will be able to sit back, collect my unemployment cheques, and feel proud that I am an educated University grad. :p

I’ll take a photo of it and upload it here for you to see tonight or over the weekend. Here you go!