Bon Soo Fireworks 2007

Jeff and I went to see the Bon Soo fireworks tonight. I think this must be our 4th year seeing them together now.

Anyway, Jeff’s brother Brian wanted us to take our camera and blog it for him :>> so I took my camera.

Are we old fuddy-duddy’s now? We somehow lost the romance of bundling up and standing along the waterfront freezing our butts off waiting for them to start the showaf. This year we saved our $5 each and parked the truck along a different portion of the river and watched half of them through the windshield of the truck after I got too cold outside 🙂

Mind you, they don’t have the incredible snow sculptures this year or the tug of war on the street contests that I always wanted to walk around and enjoy. It is also really nippy outside. Okay so I’m old and whiny now. But I didn’t hear Jeff put up much of a fight either. Plus I think I have frostbite on my cheek – the portion of my cheeks under my eyes have always been extra sensitive to the cold since I used to walk to school in Thunder Bay at -36°C plus windchill weather. It was the only part of skin that was always exposed. I know it gets cold fast since then and I felt it the other day when Jeff and I were out shovelling waiting for the agent to stop by to show the house (2 days ago?) This morning I woke up and that part of my cheek is swollen, pink, and is covered in bumps. There are a few more bumps going down my cheek and there is a small patch under the other eye. I’ve never seen it before. If it isn’t frostbite, then I have no idea what sort of contagious skin disease I have, I just hope my cheeks don’t fall off. It hurts a little – sort of like a sunburn.

So back to the fireworks, I decided to try the fireworks feature on my camera. Unfortunately I can’t stand myself as still as a tripod and I couldn’t wear a mitten and press the camera button at the same time so I didn’t get any stellar shots for you Brian S. ;D

Here is my handsome boyfriend Jeff. I was trying out the night time portrait setting on the camera. It was pitch black in the truck so it turned out pretty good I think.

Jeff waiting for the Fireworks to begin

Here is.. well whatever it is.. on my cheek (we were passing time until the fireworks began). Can you see the big patch of pink bumps? Paging Nurse Mom – any idea?


On to the Fireworks!


Bon Soo Fireworks 2007 – As Captured without a Tripod or Mitten
Standing so far away kinda sucked – I think we’ll go back to our front row seat next time.
Overall – excellent show

I imagine we’ll be long gone from here before Bon Soo 2008. I hate most things about the Sault, but I’ve always loved the Bon Soo fireworks. If you ever get a chance to see fireworks in the winter, don’t pass it up!


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2 Replies to “Bon Soo Fireworks 2007

  1. I love your special fireworks in the Soo. I have never seen them come out like the ones you took pictures of. Must be the cold that makes them explode that way. I never seen fireworks in the winter so I learned something new!

  2. ok Lisa…so like your Mom you have an odd silver hair or 2, and those bumpies on your head, and now you may well have inherited my rosacea. Enjoy!
    You need a low percentage steroid..keep away from wind and sun!
    Looks like it anyway. Sorry!

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