Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!!

What a wonderful day it has been. I’m all grins and giggles. My handsome boyfriend has given me the most fantastic card, a dozen red roses, a heart-shaped box of Laura Secord chocolates, AND the DVD for “50 First Dates” (the first movie we went to see in the theatre years ago :>> ).

I’m just about to take Jeff’s Chocolate Kahlua cake out of the oven that I just made for him. He’s studying for another test for a different job competition so I thought it would make a nice study break.

Here are some pictures of me being spoiled rotten:


My Heart-Shaped Box of Chocolates


My beautiful roses – they smell SO good!


Look at all of these chocolates! Which one first!?!

I am seriously the luckiest woman on earth to have such a wonderful man in my life. I love you Jeff!