Everyone deserves a long weekend in February so since I earned another 1.25 days of vacation with my 4 week extension, I took off Monday and so did Jeff!

Last night we went to the prime rib and snow crab leg buffet across the river because we couldn’t go out for dinner on Valentine’s day.

I was eating slowly and timing it all perfect so I didn’t walk out of there feeling like a overstuffed potato sack. It was all going well until the peanut butter pie – and then I was way way way too full. Actually I fell asleep within 30 minutes of getting back home so I guess the meal really did put me in a coma. I don’t even remember Jeff putting the dogs to bed.

I finished my taxes yesterday! Woo Hoo! Earliest I ever did them. It takes a good portion of an afternoon because I have to file the taxes for my business as well. It is a good exercise because I can look back over the year and see exactly what I earned on each task, from each company, and where I spent it. Based on those results, I made some goals for 2007 and plan on achieving them!

Today has been completely unproductive for me. Other than I finished my Valentine’s chocolates and finally watched the Golden Retriever grooming video that Jeff’s brother Brian got me for Christmas. It’s a really good video. Now I have to upgrade my grooming supplies so I can make Monty handsome for his next dog show – whenever that may be. I think I’ll be watching it many more times.

What I’m Listening To Right Now: The top live music performances from 25 years of Howard Stern – playing on Sirius 101.