They don’t wear watches!!

I had a house showing for 2pm this afternoon….. and when did they knock on the door – 1:30pm!! ARGH! I made them go back outside of the gate so I could herd the dogs into their kennels in the garage, then I rushed back inside and put the cat in his cage and stashed the baby gate blocking the living room. Whew!

So, note to self, and to you, be ready at least an hour early (they were once an entire hour early).

I don’t know if these people are interested. They were a couple around 50 and looked like they had a much higher standard of living than this house – so maybe they are landlords. The realtor asked if I was the tenant or the owner. He was thinking I was a tenant and was going to tell me that he had other places he’d be happy to rent to me because I kept this one in such good shape. He said I made a good use of the space. They said I could stay, but I went out to the garage to get out of their way. When I left they were admiring Dad’s handywork of the tongue and groove pine in the bathroom. They were practically awe-struck! 😀

Jeff left this morning and will be back later this week. He has a course in Lindsay and half way through he’s flying out for his interview in Halifax. Soon we’ll know where we are moving to! I’m getting really anxious, stressed out, and a tad bit bitchy so I’m sure we’re both equally eager to get moved and settled.

Just 7 more days of employment…. Maybe it’s time to play the lottery.