Okay so I have an offer on the house. I’m going to take it. It isn’t as much as I wanted. But it is a cash deal, no conditions – they don’t even want a house inspection. Only we have to be out by April 2nd. 88|88|88| We don’t even know where we’re moving yet!!!

Jeff is fighting off the urge to nap right now as he waits in Halifax for his interview to start in 90 minutes from now. I love that we have figured out text messaging. On the other hand, I HATE text messaging. What a totally ineffective way of communicating. I can’t stand typing that slow. It is so aggravating!

I guess we can put everything in storage and live like gypsies for awhile. Maybe we’ll just mooch for a month or so, wandering from couch to couch. hehe

I just hope that Jeff gets to hear the end result of today’s interview within a week, and not a month!