I’m at work for my last day today. I am still actively coding applications to make everyone’s life easier after I go. Why? ‘Cuz I’m a nice person I suppose.

Then I have to get the signature of 15 or so people as a check-out procedure. It’s a pain in the ass. Apparently it is in place just in case you still have library books checked out in your name… or government vehicles… or government credit cards. I wonder what happened before this form….. Anyway, I have two signatures already and one of them was super chatty and is going to miss me and wishes me lots of luck etc etc. She’s a real nice lady. But I hope the rest go faster.

I’ve had about 6 meetings in the last 3 days of work and I’ll have another one at 3pm to pass over my work and answer last minute questions. I hope I can still get out of here at 4pm.

Tonight is Monty’s obedience and agility lesson. It better warm up because it was -27°C when we got up this morning. Talk about crunchy! The mill sounds so loud when it’s cold like this. But it’s clear and calm and sunny so that is nice.

Jeff is heading to Sudbury later this afternoon to work there tomorrow. Then he’s going to pop down to Parry Sound to check a few things out. We’re booking a storage unit today. Hopefully we can fit everything in 10x25ft2. I’m not crazy about the warning that we need to supply our own rodent repellent. But.. whatever.. we gotta do what we gotta do.

I’m going to get the starter replaced on my truck this week because it’s really bad now. I’m sure my trustworthy local mechanic will give me a good deal on a refurbished one.

Leaving work is a little less uneventful with everything that is going on (you know, the whole homelessness bit). They are having a good-bye lunch for me on Friday at Dock’s (restaurant on the waterfront).

What I’m listening to right now: Not CBC (we moved my radio/tape deck/record player home yesterday). I can hear people socializing at the end of the hall (31 minutes into their 15 min. break). Ahhh gov’t jobs.