That was my answer yesterday when people were saying their goodbyes and ensuring me I was on to bigger and better things.

Yesterday, last night, and this morning have been a whirlwind. I didn’t finish everything at work I wanted to do but so be it. By about 4pm it was time to just cut the strings and let ‘er go.

Then I came home and filled out my application for unemployment online. Good grief, it took probably an hour! Once I said I owned a business all sorts of more questions were targeted towards me. Then it was time to scarf down a peanut butter and honey sandwich, grab my dog, and dash off to his obedience and agility class. The class went okay. I was smart enough to dress warm and most of the rest of them froze their asses off.

This morning I had a lot of running around to do, a form still to get from the bank to bring in to HR at work, and I had to deliver my Record of Employment to the Canadian HR office downtown. My errands were a total mish-mashed off backtracking. I had NO idea that neither of my banks opened until 9:30am. What the heck? I just assumed they would be open by 8:30. At least my post office was open so I could get an order for Flexicose out to a customer. When I got to the Canadian HR office at 9:10 I was the first footsteps in the snow going in the front door.

I also dropped my truck off and told my friendly neighbourhood mechanic that if he’s busy he can put it off to next week. It made the noise for him when I tried to start it and he confirmed that the starter wasn’t engaging.

Now I’m tidying a bit because my friend Susan is coming over in a bit to visit and restock her Syn-Flex or Flexicose supplies (the liquid glucosamine arthritis supplement I sell).

Jeff just called from Sudbury and he was in touch with the department who is arranging our move. They are packing our stuff and loading it in the truck on Thursday March 29th and Friday the 30th. It will be unloaded in to our Parry Sound storage facility on April 2nd. The timing looks good. I’ll have the weekend after the stuff is out of here to clean up the house. Jeff will head down to Parry Sound to be there on the Monday when our stuff is unloaded. I’ll stay here to wrap up the deal on Monday. I’ll have to turn over the keys and hope there is a cheque big enough waiting for me at the lawyers that I can take in to the bank to pay off my loan. Then I’ll head out of town.