ZodiacWe went to see Zodiac tonight at the theatre. If I had known it was 2.5 hours I might not have got the large pop – holy did I have to pee!

I think the first time I consciously heard about the Zodiac killer was just a few weeks ago as I caught the tail end of the story on one of the crime shows Jeff watches.

This movie is based on the true events and shows the crimes and the suspects and the trail of clues and events. I really enjoyed it. I could tell there were people in the theatre who thought it was just way too long because they were fidgety and talking and bolted instead of reading the words on the screen at the end.

I give it a solid 8/10. I suppose it was stretched a bit in length but I didn’t feel the need to look at my watch at all. I was surprised at just how late it was when the lights came back on.

I imagine this movie will start an entire new generation of people who are hooked on the Zodiac killer case. There really are people who live and breathe the case still today.