I had lunch with my old bosses and colleagues today. It was nice, and tame. My first boss who originally hired me into the building picked up the lunch bill for both Jeff and I. They all signed a card for me. I even got a few hugs. It sounds like they all expected me to be sitting at home bored stiff but really it hasn’t even sunk in yet that I don’t work anymore – I’ve just been too busy with other things.

The moving company bossman came by today to assess the situation. He used his handy dandy little hand held computer device to keep track of all the items in the house and the garage. He figures that our rented storage space will be too small, but they did assure Jeff they had smaller ones available. We’ll work it out.

They gave us a big package to read over of the things they will not take. They will be sending someone here to verify that all of our appliances work – probably for insurance reasons so we don’t put in a claim that the movers broke them if they don’t work when we get there.

I’m a little worried about moisture in the storage facility because I remember moving a friend of a friend out of a storage unit before and there was a lot of green mold – probably items touching the walls and floor. This man also told us today to be sure that we get rodent pellets to keep them away from our stuff. Will do!

We don’t have anything much planned for the next week. I’m busy trying to advertising systems online – finding new products to market and make money. So far I’m learning but I haven’t hit the big time. Maybe tomorrow will be my lucky day.