Cool. I’m unemployed. I’ll be homeless on Monday. And now I have no wheels. What’s next?

Whatever is making my truck shake and attempt to stall and sputter and sput isn’t obvious. To begin with, it needs a tune-up. Probably $300 worth. And that might not fix the problem. I just put $300 into already this month (oil change, new air filter, and new (rebuilt) starter).

And since I have zero desire to drive all the way to southern Ontario whiteknuckling it, scared to death it is going to die, I have decided to say good-bye.

Unless I have a dream from a mechanic in the netherworlds who can suggest how to fix it (for free).

It’s a 92 S-10. The mechanic says it’s too old to get a useful computer diagnostic run.

Because it’s in such bad shape, I think I’ll probably take him up on his offer to scrap it on my behalf. Well I might place a call to the wrecker and verify that they aren’t going to pay me much. It really isn’t in any condition to drive out there.

I’m not too sure what to do with the other set of tires I have for it. Hopefully if I toss them in the back, they’ll scrap them too.

So by Monday, I will have no more assets, and practically no more debt (we’ll have to see how the numbers play out). Okay so it’s debatable if my truck was much of an asset, but it got me around for the last 3 years and I’m very thankful to my Uncle Paul for selling it to me.

Now we’ll just have to see if we can really get all the stuff we’re keeping out of storage in just Jeff’s truck.

What I’m listening to right now: I can hear the TV from the bedroom. And the fridge is rattling. Monty is sleeping silently behind me in his x-pen.