4 guys are here today to pack everything up. One of them is allergic to dogs so he’s out in the garage packing up 😳

These guys are fast so I don’t imagine they’ll be here all day.

Tomorrow a different truck comes to load ‘er up.

Now Sears is here to certify all the appliances are working before they moved.
AND the knucklehead tree trimmers that took all day yesterday to trim 3 branches off the back trees are here to finally pick up the branches. If they scratch Jeff’s truck they’re going to have a rough day.

Dismantling computer for now. Changed my mind, I’ll dismantle it in the morning.

Update: The packers were done by 1pm. Tomorrow a different set of guys will come and load it up. They back in big boxes with really not much more information than the name of the room on it so I hope we don’t need to hunt for something while it’s in storage. I need a nap.