It’s Sunday evening. Jeff and Trooper are gone now so it’s just me, Monty, and Zeus. I’ve got the front half of the house emptied and mopped so we’re living in the back half of the house. Tomorrow morning I’ll load up the rest of the stuff in the truck and then vacuum and mop my way out the door. I’ll have to go to the dump first to get rid of the dead tv and a couple bags of garbage. Then I’ll probably stop back here to fill up the rest of the truck with the houseplants. Then a couple more errands – and then I’ll probably park the truck in a park somewhere and wait for the call that my cheque is ready. Then I’ll go pay off my student loans and get the heck out of town. I would really like to make it to Listowel tomorrow night because I have to get back on Tuesday to pick up Jeff. I suppose it all depends on when the cheque is ready tomorrow and on how much sleep this air mattress allows me tonight.

What I’m listening to right now: CBC Radio One (Jeff dug out his little radio from work), and Monty pacing and whining (he’s bored out of his mind).