We are now residing at 72 Highway 141 West !!

It’s a great place. It’s a big house (by my standards) – 3 bedrooms and a full basement. It’s surrounded by red pine trees. There are some old growth pine in the stand too – beautiful – I’ll get some pictures up soon.

The cable man came today to hook up the cable and the internet. Hopefully the digital cable box comes tomorrow by courier!

We found out that this area doesn’t have Bell voicemail! How crazy is that? We have call display but if you call and we don’t answer, neither is voice mail because it doesn’t exist here! I guess you’ll have to email!

The power went off for a few hours starting at 4pm. There was a small thunderstorm and some heavy rain so a tree probably went down somewhere.

The house we’re renting is furnished. We have a big rec room in the basement that is very 1950’s – it’s so very much like the furniture I remember from the basement rec room on Fleet St. in London (Grandma & Pa’s place) or from the back room in the cottage – those big long purple like stiff looking couches. Coffee tables, end tables, bar! There is also a piano and a guitar and clocks and things. All the bedrooms had a little side table beside the bed with a doily, a lamp, and an alarm clock. The living room is nice and big – a couch and two chairs – one a recliner and one with a foot stool. The kitchen is loaded with things – all very much from Grandma Stock’s era. There is towels and tablecloths – even a full drawer of cookbooks! We are totally set.

Highway 141 is a busy road. We are right before the hamlet of Humphrey which even has a store with a liquor agency in it and movie rentals – its just one km away so easily walkable. At night last night while we were walking the dogs in the back yard we could hear the hum of Highway 400 because it really isn’t too far from here.

Anyway, photos of the place will follow – perhaps tomorrow.