Here are photos from around our new place!
Here is the back of the house:


Here is the view of the garage from the back door of the house. We don’t have access to it.


Here is the view of the back of the garage. The landlord has a wood shop in the back of it:


Here is the backyard view from standing behind the garage. There are trails heading off from behind the garage off to the landlord’s sugar shack and who knows where else.


The red pines here are beautiful. It’s like living in a cottage. The bathroom is at the back of the house and when you’re sitting on the toilet the view is of these trees:


The landlord said the red pines are about 70 years old. They were planted by the government using a horse and furrow plow! The area around this house was thinned by the neighbouring was wasn’t so they aren’t as large next door.

Here’s one of the very old white pine’s still standing in this red pine stand we’re living in:


Here’s another one. I need to work on getting a better photo of these old trees.


Monty isn’t so crazy about being tied up outside, but the one drawback of this place is there is no fence and Highway 141 is quite busy.



The leaves are coming, the leaves are coming!!


I’ll work on getting photos inside the house next!