This morning at 7:30 I stepped out of the door first to go to the truck (I ride in to town with Jeff and then I take the truck to the gym and go back to town at 4 to pick Jeff up).

As I stepped outside I heard a big SNAP of a stick. Then I saw the big white tail of a deer right on the other side of the garage behind the boat!!

I grabbed Jeff and we tip toed across the lawn to catch sight of her behind the garage when Jeff noticed there were 2 more does behind her! All three just on the other side of the driveway!!

They walked behind the garage and stared at us with their tails way up in the air. Then they took off behind that shed behind the garage and then turned left and cut through the trees behind the house.


No photos, but I wasn’t going to miss it to go hunting for my camera. Maybe next time!