We saw a BEAR today! Thank goodness it was at LEAST a 3 minute drive away AND on the other side of the expressway. It walked out someone’s laneway, across the road, and up into a forested area. I tried to take a photo but I only got trees.

We drove around today looking at houses around Parry Sound that have hit the market in the last while. We don’t know if we’re staying here but it was a beautiful day for a drive. We were over by Killbear Provincial Park and I saw a cute little chipmunk on the side of the road. We went up the road just a bit to turn around and when we came back there was a HUGE owl on the side of the road who turned to look at us before he flew off so I bet he just ate that cute little chipmunk :no:

Last night we were invited over to another couple’s house for a BBQ. Jeff works with the husband. Another couple stopped by too. Oddly enough they brought a friend of their’s and she was Mr. Nind’s niece! Small world! He was my grade 9 home room teacher and a great man full of stories. I’ve heard he isn’t well and is in the hospital with cancer. :'(

Anyway, we had bbq’d bear – it wasn’t bad at all. To stick with the bear theme, just this afternoon the landlord was by. He had said earlier I could bring up the box of solar powered moonray lights so last week I had decorated the yard with them. He pulled one out of the ground and showed me a big hole he had patched up in the plastic of the light. He said a bear bit it!! I don’t think he was kidding! There are some things I just don’t need to know. :lalala: I’ll tell you right now, I’m a chicken, and if I see a bear in my yard, especially those weeks coming up where Jeff will be out of town, all the pets and I will be hibernating in the house!

Jeff is bbqing a chicken on a beer can right now. It sure smells good. Here are some photos I took in the backyard this afternoon: