Jeff and I drove over to Algonquin Park yesterday on the search for some wildlife! Parry Sound is such a great central place to live. We got to Algonquin Park in just over an hour.

We were at least half way through the park and turned to Jeff and said “Jeff, we see more wildlife in our own yard”.

Then it got interesting!

Jeff spotted the first moose – a cow – on the left side of the road. He did a fast u-turn and drove up beside the swamp she was standing in – eating something. Here she is:






Then we came across a bunch of cars and people all over the road. There were 2 bull moose in the right side ditch. Is it a northern Ontario thing – or why is the first thing I think when I see idiots like this – “stupid Toronto people”. The two moose were trying to cross the road. All these idiots were standing on the road and they weren’t moving!! The moose kept charging them – where did they think they were – a petting zoo?? Geez! :crazy: After the first one finally got across, the second one went through the same cycle of charging them over and over again until he got brave enough to just run across.





We saw a couple more after that, and unfortunately a dead one in the ditch 🙁 No bears though!

It was a great day – I love our weekend drives!