Today was my appointment with the ENT (ears, nose, throat) Doctor. He asked me a bunch of questions. I explained my big tonsils, sore throat, and my horrible snoring. He eventually took a look in my ears, then my nose, and then my throat. The verdict is that they are abnormally large, have large crevasses on them, but they are not infected. He said that getting them out is not something I want to do and said I really haven’t had problems for THAT long. (since December 1st buddy!)

Anyway, he wants me to go for a sleep study. He is concerned that because I said I have bad snoring now from my tonsils that they are probably blocking my breathing. He thinks I probably stop breathing at night and that it will be affecting my oxygen levels and making me tired and making me feel like I haven’t slept well. All true. I nap almost every day and I rarely stay up past 11 now. I can fall asleep sitting up in a chair.

So now I have to wait until the hospital calls and books me in for a sleep study. That means they hook me up to a bazillion machines and wires and I sleep there over night.

Then he will look at the results and will decide what to do. I said – take them out? He said not necessarily – there may be other things he can do. I asked if there was anything I could do in the meantime to make them smaller. He said there is nothing I can do. Oh and the white stuff is just junk shed off by the holes. He said I could get tonsil stones and it’ll cause bad breath so I can gargle with salt water if I wanted.

I hope they book this thing soon because my throat is making me so miserable. Not to mention affecting Jeff’s sleep. I kinda wish he just sliced them out today.

He also seemed skeptical about the Tylenol allergy I have. He has never come across anyone with a Tylenol allergy. I told him how it makes me get hives and insane itching. He pulled out his trusty little handheld computer off his belt and looked in to it. He verified that what I reported matched the list of Tylenol symptoms – although they were on the bottom after liver problems etc.