I’m watching a show on TLC right now following three war vets from the Iraqi war – three American women who were each blown up – missing legs and feet, all scarred – and about their lives now that they’re back in America recovering. It’s so sad. They raise a good point how this is an entirely new experience for America – to have so many females killed and injured and maimed in battle. One of them seems so young, you can just imagine what she’s had to witness and endure in her short life.

Anyway, other updates. Jeff will be back in a week. I’m coping well. The first few days usually finds me over-eating and moping around, but I’m all put back together now with a new frame of mind and eager for our next adventure, whether we find out that will be here or out east. We should know any day now.

It’s funny that I always wanted to live in the woods – it was always my dream. What the hell was I thinking. I can’t go outside without being eaten alive by mosquitos and blackflies. The woods is full of all sorts of not so cute, scary animals (in particular: bears, fishers, snakes, porcupines, raccoons). I would be happy if there were only deer and cute bunny rabbits. I despise taking the dogs out at dusk and later to pee. It’s dark, there aren’t the best yard lights here, the mosquitos have me totally covered, and then one of the dogs will look into the woods and their hair on their back will go up and they’ll growl and bark. I hate that! I do love the fresh air out here though, there is one bonus. Right now the pine trees are releasing their pollen. The truck is green! Glad I’m not allergic to it!

Geez, I was sure I had several other stories I was going to share but I can’t think of any of them right now. I guess I’ll just go eat my dinner and try to remmeber what they were….