Now that we’ve told our families, I’ll tell the blog-o-sphere that it is likely we will be moving to the Sherbrooke, Nova Scotia area later this summer!!

We’re pretty excited about it. We’ll finally be able to buy a house and I’ll be able to unpack stuff that has been in boxes since last August. We can buy furniture and settle down into a house.

Sherbrooke, Nova Scotia is 2.5 hours north of Halifax. Population 400. They selected Jeff for that office. Now he has to wait through a few different appeal processes before the job is officially his, so it will be awhile before we even can go on a house hunting trip.

It’s scary for both of us to move to a new province, but it is a job opportunity that Jeff just can not turn down, an opportunity that he wouldn’t likely get in Ontario, not for a long time anyway. We’ll only be 18-20 hour drive from our families and they drove that far to visit me in Thunder Bay so hopefully no one will forget about us if we’re out east. If we hate it, then he can always put in for a transfer somewhere else in the future, but I have good feelings about it – I think we’ll love it! The only problem is the livelihood of most of the residents will clash with the livelihood of my boyfriend, so I hope there isn’t too much friction and we’re accepted into the neighbourhood.